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Events By Siraj is built on the vision that a special event should not stress out the host to the point that the essence of a get-together with your family and loved ones is lost. Any event is a joyful time; it should be fun and enjoyable. With this idea in mind, Siraj Caterers was created in 1979 in Sri Lanka. Y.M. Salahudeen, the founder, believed that a one-stop event service was essential to his clients who had more important things to worry about. Y.M. Salahudeen had learned to cater to his clients needs from his father, President of Cane Furnishing House of Sri Lanka, which has been in business for over 85 years. With a family background of providing event services, Y.M. Salahudeen knew that providing clients with peace of mind was very important. In 1988, Siraj Salahudeen, the founders’ son, joined the company.

Siraj studied Hotel and Catering Management in Australia and worked for Five-Star Hotels. He used his upscale service experience to take Siraj Caterers to the next level and add Events By Siraj, By providing photography, video, decoration services, cake, floral arrangements and other event services all under one roof, the original concept was taken a step further. Bringing this concept to New York has been the next milestone. Events By Siraj now services the entire Nation.

Siraj Salahudeen